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Meet the team

Dr Jonathan Hoare


Dr Peter Irving


Professor Parveen June Kumar


Dr Charles Murray


Dr Sean L Preston

BSc (Hons) PhD FRCP

Dr Philip Woodland

BSc (Hons), PhD, MRCP

Dr Adam Humphries

BSc (Hons) PhD FRCP

Dearbháile O’Hanlon

Dearbháile O’Hanlon

Senior Specialist Dietician

Why we are different

The partners in LDH are a group of friends who have realised their ambition of working together for the benefit of patients.
London Digestive Health partners

Through close working relationships, forged over many years of professional and personal association, we aim to provide the highest possible standards of care with a truly holistic and team approach.

We support each other professionally and meet regularly to keep abreast of each other’s thoughts, avoiding the professional isolation so common in individual and purely private practices.

You will always be able to see the doctor of your choice, but if he or she is not available, there will always be a like-minded partner to help you. We provide our own internal cover so you will never see a locum doctor.

One of us can almost always see you within 24 hours (Monday – Friday). All medical notes are kept centrally, so they can, with your permission, be available to any one of the partners who you may need to see.

For most gastrointestinal problems we can offer a seamless pathway from diagnosis to treatment. Where we cannot, we can arrange referral through our extensive network of expert colleagues, drawn from the whole of London’s medical community, in order to get you the best possible treatment and advice.

Our secretary, Vicky Hollings, keeps the administrative side of the practice in good order and you can always ask her for help if you cannot contact one of us directly.

What our patients say

what our patients say
"Thank you for carrying out the gastroscopy so expertly. I had expected that it might be somewhat uncomfortable but it turned out to be not even that."
"...a huge thank you for the courteous kind, considerate and gentlemanly way in which you treated me.."