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Telephone our secretary Vicky Hollings to arrange an initial consultation.
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7616 7645/7642

please read thisPlease read this before making an appointment at LDH.

It contains important information about appointments, our relationship with you and insurance payments. When you come to see us you will be asked to confirm by signing a copy of the document that you have read and understood it.

Do I need a referral letter?

Your GP or another Consultant should refer you. They can simply contact us and we will see you as soon as possible. If your GP or Consultant does not know which partner you should see, please telephone our secretary who will be able to advise, or will ask one of our doctors directly.

The letter, fax or email (if you give permission for your medical details to be sent this way) will normally contain a summary of your medical history, the results of any investigations such as blood tests, scans, and other pathology reports, such as biopsy results. Under some circumstances it may be possible for you to be seen without a referral letter.

How you can help us

A brief written summary of your current symptoms and their progress in date order can be useful for you to use as an aide-memoire during the consultation. Bring all relevant medical tests with you, and your insurance details if relevant.

What if I am not a UK resident?

We do see non-UK residents who may find it difficult to arrange a GP or specialist letter. Relevant records should brought to us for review, either in English or translated into English.