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New research published showing effectiveness of low FODMAP diet

July 20th 2011

Dietary management of IBS symptoms has traditionally focused on manipulating fibre content of the diet and restricting caffeine and alcohol. Recently, Heidi Staudacher, Peter Irving and their colleagues at King’s College London showed that the low FODMAP diet is more effective for IBS than these traditional dietary guidelines. In fact, 76% of people with IBS had good symptom response after following the low FODMAP diet.

The evidence for the success of the diet has only been shown in patients who are taught by a FODMAP-trained dietitian. Getting good quality advice from a dietitian ensures the diet is individualised appropriately and that the diet is nutritionally adequate and is not unnecessarily restricted, which is common when people follow advice found on the internet. High quality UK-specific FODMAP resources have been developed by Heidi and her colleagues at King’s College London and are provided to patients when seeing a FODMAP-trained dietitian. These are vital in being able to follow the diet and therefore to help achieve full symptom benefit.